msSiteModeCreateJumpList Method

New for Windows Internet Explorer 9

Creates a new group of items on the Jump List.




bstrHeader Required. A String that specifies a title for the Jump List group.

Return Value

No return value.

Possible Exceptions

Not implemented (0x80004001) This method is not supported on Windows CE.


A Jump List contains links into your application and elsewhere. The pinned site allows only one Jump List group at a time, and all items are appended to the same list. (For more information, see msSiteModeAddJumpListItem.)

You create a new Jump List group by calling the msSiteModeCreateJumpList method followed by msSiteModeAddJumpListItem and msSiteModeShowJumpList. The list is cleared only if the name provided in the bstrHeader parameter is different from the current list. If necessary, you can call msSiteModeClearJumpList to start a new list; however, doing so prevents the onmssitemodejumplistitemremoved event from being raised.

To view the Jump List, hover over the pinned site shortcut after pinning it to the Start menu, or right-click the pinned site button in the Windows taskbar.

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See Also

msSiteModeAddJumpListItem, msSiteModeClearJumpList