::-ms-ticks-after pseudo-element

Applies one or more styles to the tick marks after the slider track of an input type=range (also known as a slider) control. In a left-to-right layout, these are the ticks below the track. In a top-to-bottom layout, these are the ticks to the right of a track.


sel**::-ms-ticks-after** {...}


  • sel
    A simple selector.


These ticks aren't shown by default. To show them, set the control's display Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) property to "block".

It is possible to use the ::-ms-ticks-after, ::-ms-ticks-before, and ::-ms-track selectors together. However, to do so would create three sets of tick marks, which is not recommended. For the most ideal user experience, use one set of tick marks. To remove tick marks altogether, set the color property to "transparent".

You can set these properties on this pseudo-element (other properties are ignored):


Minimum supported client

Windows 8

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012

See also

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