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className property

[This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]

Sets or retrieves the class of the object.


HRESULT value = object.put_className(BSTR v);HRESULT value = object.get_className(BSTR* p);

Property values

Type: BSTR

the class or style rule.


The class is typically used to associate a particular style rule in a style sheet with the element.

By default, the property is equal to the string assigned to the IHTMLElement::className property of the given object, or NULL if the attribute is not explicitly assigned.

Multiple styles are supported as of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.

In Windows Internet Explorer 8, class names, such as hslice and entry-title, are used to identify portions of a webpage that can be monitored for updates (Web Slices). For more information, see Subscribing to Content with Web Slices.



Build date: 6/12/2012