Accessible Explorer

The Accessible Explorer program allows you to examine the IAccessible properties of objects and how objects are related to each other.

When you start Accessible Explorer, the display area is empty. Use one of the following techniques to examine the objects in a window:

  • From the Tree menu, click Refresh to specify the window to explore.
  • From the Options menu, click Select Window with Mouse.
  • Click the Select with Mouse buttonon the toolbar, then click the object or window you want to explore.

Accessible Explorer displays the window's objects in a hierarchical fashion. When you click an object in the tree view, the object's properties are displayed in the right-hand window. You can examine how objects are related to each other by expanding and collapsing the objects in the tree view. The Tree menu also provides menu items to manage the hierarchy. Additionally, the Navigation menu provides many ways to navigate to other objects.