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Language Identifier Constants and Strings

Each language identifier is composed of a primary language identifier indicating the language and a sublanguage identifier indicating the country/region. The language identifier corresponds to a particular locale, for example, English (United States), represented as "en-US". The language identifier is used as part of the locale identifier.

A primary or sublanguage identifier can be user-defined or predefined. The table included in this topic defines the predefined primary language identifiers with their valid sublanguage identifiers and shows the locale identifiers in which they are used. The locale identifiers themselves are defined in Locale Identifier Constants and Strings.

Note: If there is no sublanguage identifier to use with a primary language identifier, your application should use SUBLANG_DEFAULT. It should use SUBLANG_NEUTRAL for resources that are the same for all sublanguages of a primary language.

A user-defined primary language identifier is a value in the range 0x0200 to 0x03ff. All other values are reserved for operating system use.

A user-defined sublanguage identifier has a value in the range 0x20 to 0x3f. All other values are reserved for operating system use.

Locale identifier Primary language Prim. lang. identifier Prim. lang. symbol Sublanguage Sublang. identifier Sublang. symbol
0x1000 Unspecified custom locale language 0x00 LANG_NEUTRAL Unspecified custom sublanguage 0x04 SUBLANG_CUSTOM_UNSPECIFIED
0x0C00 Default custom locale language 0x00 LANG_NEUTRAL Default custom sublanguage 0x03 SUBLANG_CUSTOM_DEFAULT
0x1400 Default custom MUI locale language 0x00 LANG_NEUTRAL Default custom MUI sublanguage 0x05 SUBLANG_UI_CUSTOM_DEFAULT
0x007f Invariant language 0x7f LANG_INVARIANT Invariant sublanguage 0x00 SUBLANG_NEUTRAL
0x0000 Neutral locale language 0x00 LANG_NEUTRAL Neutral sublanguage 0x00 SUBLANG_NEUTRAL
0x0800 System default locale language 0x02 LANG_NEUTRAL System default sublanguage 0x02 SUBLANG_SYS_DEFAULT
0x0400 User default locale language 0x00 LANG_NEUTRAL User default sublanguage 0x01 SUBLANG_DEFAULT
0x0436 Afrikaans (af) 0x36 LANG_AFRIKAANS South Africa (ZA) 0x01 SUBLANG_AFRIKAANS_SOUTH_AFRICA
0x041c Albanian (sq) 0x1c LANG_ALBANIAN Albania (AL) 0x01 SUBLANG_ALBANIAN_ALBANIA
0x0484 Alsatian (gsw) 0x84 LANG_ALSATIAN France (FR) 0x01 SUBLANG_ALSATIAN_FRANCE
0x045e Amharic (am) 0x5e LANG_AMHARIC Ethiopia (ET) 0x01 SUBLANG_AMHARIC_ETHIOPIA
0x1401 Arabic (ar) 0x01 LANG_ARABIC Algeria (DZ) 0x05 SUBLANG_ARABIC_ALGERIA
0x3c01 Bahrain (BH) 0x0f SUBLANG_ARABIC_BAHRAIN
0x0c01 Egypt (EG) 0x03 SUBLANG_ARABIC_EGYPT
0x0801 Iraq (IQ) 0x02 SUBLANG_ARABIC_IRAQ
0x2c01 Jordan (JO) 0x0b SUBLANG_ARABIC_JORDAN
0x3401 Kuwait (KW) 0x0d SUBLANG_ARABIC_KUWAIT
0x3001 Lebanon (LB) 0x0c SUBLANG_ARABIC_LEBANON
0x1001 Libya (LY) 0x04 SUBLANG_ARABIC_LIBYA
0x1801 Morocco (MA) 0x06 SUBLANG_ARABIC_MOROCCO
0x2001 Oman (OM) 0x08 SUBLANG_ARABIC_OMAN
0x4001 Qatar (QA) 0x10 SUBLANG_ARABIC_QATAR
0x0401 Saudi Arabia (SA) 0x01 SUBLANG_ARABIC_SAUDI_ARABIA
0x2801 Syria (SY) 0x0a SUBLANG_ARABIC_SYRIA
0x1c01 Tunisia (TN) 0x07 SUBLANG_ARABIC_TUNISIA
0x3801 U.A.E. (AE) 0x0e SUBLANG_ARABIC_UAE
0x2401 Yemen (YE) 0x09 SUBLANG_ARABIC_YEMEN
0x042b Armenian (hy) 0x2b LANG_ARMENIAN Armenia (AM) 0x01 SUBLANG_ARMENIAN_ARMENIA
0x044d Assamese (as) 0x4d LANG_ASSAMESE India (IN) 0x01 SUBLANG_ASSAMESE_INDIA
0x082c Azeri (az) 0x2c LANG_AZERI Azerbaijan, Cyrillic (AZ) 0x02 SUBLANG_AZERI_CYRILLIC
0x042c Azerbaijan, Latin (AZ) 0x01 SUBLANG_AZERI_LATIN
0x046d Bashkir (ba) 0x6d LANG_BASHKIR Russia (RU) 0x01 SUBLANG_BASHKIR_RUSSIA
0x042d Basque (eu) 0x2d LANG_BASQUE Basque (ES) 0x01 SUBLANG_BASQUE_BASQUE
0x0423 Belarusian (be) 0x23 LANG_BELARUSIAN Belarus (BY) 0x01 SUBLANG_BELARUSIAN_BELARUS
0x0445 Bengali (bn) 0x45 LANG_BENGALI Bangladesh 0x02 SUBLANG_BENGALI_BANGLADESH
0x781a Bosnian (bs) LANG_BOSNIAN_NEUTRAL Neutral
0x201a Bosnian (bs); see note 2 0x1a LANG_BOSNIAN Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyrillic (BA) 0x08 SUBLANG_BOSNIAN_BOSNIA_HERZEGOVINA_CYRILLIC
0x141a Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latin (BA) 0x05 SUBLANG_BOSNIAN_BOSNIA_HERZEGOVINA_LATIN
0x047e Breton (br) 0x7e LANG_BRETON France (FR) 0x01 SUBLANG_BRETON_FRANCE
0x0402 Bulgarian (bg) 0x02 LANG_BULGARIAN Bulgaria (BG) 0x01 SUBLANG_BULGARIAN_BULGARIA
0x0403 Catalan (ca) 0x03 LANG_CATALAN Catalan (ES) 0x01 SUBLANG_CATALAN_CATALAN
0x0c04 Chinese (zh); see note 1 0x04 LANG_CHINESE Hong Kong SAR, PRC (HK) 0x03 SUBLANG_CHINESE_HONGKONG
0x1004 Singapore (SG) 0x04 SUBLANG_CHINESE_SINGAPORE
0x0804 Chinese (zh) 0x04 LANG_CHINESE_SIMPLIFIED Simplified (Hans) 0x02 SUBLANG_CHINESE_SIMPLIFIED
0x0483 Corsican (co) 0x83 LANG_CORSICAN France (FR) 0x01 SUBLANG_CORSICAN_FRANCE
0x041a Croatian (hr); see note 2 0x1a LANG_CROATIAN Neutral
0x101a Croatian (hr) 0x1a LANG_CROATIAN Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latin (BA) 0x04 SUBLANG_CROATIAN_BOSNIA_HERZEGOVINA_LATIN
0x0405 Czech (cs) 0x05 LANG_CZECH Czech Republic (CZ) 0x01 SUBLANG_CZECH_CZECH_REPUBLIC
0x0406 Danish (da) 0x06 LANG_DANISH Denmark (DK) 0x01 SUBLANG_DANISH_DENMARK
0x048c Dari (gbz) 0x8c LANG_DARI Afghanistan (AF) 0x01 SUBLANG_DARI_AFGHANISTAN
0x0465 Divehi (dv) 0x65 LANG_DIVEHI Maldives (MV) 0x01 SUBLANG_DIVEHI_MALDIVES
0x0813 Dutch (nl) 0x13 LANG_DUTCH Belgium (BE) 0x02 SUBLANG_DUTCH_BELGIAN
0x0413 Netherlands (NL) 0x01 SUBLANG_DUTCH
0x0c09 English (en) 0x09 LANG_ENGLISH Australia (AU) 0x03 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_AUS
0x2809 Belize (BE) 0x0a SUBLANG_ENGLISH_BELIZE
0x1009 Canada (CA) 0x04 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_CAN
0x2409 Caribbean (029) 0x09 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_CARIBBEAN
0x4009 India (IN) 0x10 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_INDIA
0x1809 Ireland (IE); see note 5 0x06 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_EIRE
0x1809 Ireland (IE); see note 5 0x06 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_IRELAND
0x2009 Jamaica (JM) 0x08 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_JAMAICA
0x4409 Malaysia (MY) 0x11 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_MALAYSIA
0x1409 New Zealand (NZ) 0x05 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_NZ
0x3409 Philippines (PH) 0x0d SUBLANG_ENGLISH_PHILIPPINES
0x4809 Singapore (SG) 0x12 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_SINGAPORE
0x1c09 South Africa (ZA) 0x07 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_SOUTH_AFRICA
0x2c09 Trinidad and Tobago (TT) 0x0b SUBLANG_ENGLISH_TRINIDAD
0x0809 United Kingdom (GB) 0x02 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_UK
0x0409 United States (US) 0x01 SUBLANG_ENGLISH_US
0x3009 Zimbabwe (ZW) 0x0c SUBLANG_ENGLISH_ZIMBABWE
0x0425 Estonian (et) 0x25 LANG_ESTONIAN Estonia (EE) 0x01 SUBLANG_ESTONIAN_ESTONIA
0x0438 Faroese (fo) 0x38 LANG_FAEROESE Faroe Islands (FO) 0x01 SUBLANG_FAEROESE_FAROE_ISLANDS
0x0464 Filipino (fil) 0x64 LANG_FILIPINO Philippines (PH) 0x01 SUBLANG_FILIPINO_PHILIPPINES
0x040b Finnish (fi) 0x0b LANG_FINNISH Finland (FI) 0x01 SUBLANG_FINNISH_FINLAND
0x080c French (fr) 0x0c LANG_FRENCH Belgium (BE) 0x02 SUBLANG_FRENCH_BELGIAN
0x040c France (FR) 0x01 SUBLANG_FRENCH
0x140c Luxembourg (LU) 0x05 SUBLANG_FRENCH_LUXEMBOURG
0x180c Monaco (MC) 0x06 SUBLANG_FRENCH_MONACO
0x100c Switzerland (CH) 0x04 SUBLANG_FRENCH_SWISS
0x0462 Frisian (fy) 0x62 LANG_FRISIAN Netherlands (NL) 0x01 SUBLANG_FRISIAN_NETHERLANDS
0x0456 Galician (gl) 0x56 LANG_GALICIAN Spain (ES) 0x01 SUBLANG_GALICIAN_GALICIAN
0x0437 Georgian (ka) 0x37 LANG_GEORGIAN Georgia (GE) 0x01 SUBLANG_GEORGIAN_GEORGIA
0x0c07 German (de) 0x07 LANG_GERMAN Austria (AT) 0x03 SUBLANG_GERMAN_AUSTRIAN
0x0407 Germany (DE) 0x01 SUBLANG_GERMAN
0x1407 Liechtenstein (LI) 0x05 SUBLANG_GERMAN_LIECHTENSTEIN
0x1007 Luxembourg (LU) 0x04 SUBLANG_GERMAN_LUXEMBOURG
0x0807 Switzerland (CH) 0x02 SUBLANG_GERMAN_SWISS
0x0408 Greek (el) 0x08 LANG_GREEK Greece (GR) 0x01 SUBLANG_GREEK_GREECE
0x046f Greenlandic (kl) 0x6f LANG_GREENLANDIC Greenland (GL) 0x01 SUBLANG_GREENLANDIC_GREENLAND
0x0447 Gujarati (gu) 0x47 LANG_GUJARATI India (IN) 0x01 SUBLANG_GUJARATI_INDIA
0x0468 Hausa (ha) 0x68 LANG_HAUSA Nigeria (NG) 0x01 SUBLANG_HAUSA_NIGERIA_LATIN
0x040d Hebrew (he) 0x0d LANG_HEBREW Israel (IL) 0x01 SUBLANG_HEBREW_ISRAEL
0x0439 Hindi (hi) 0x39 LANG_HINDI India (IN) 0x01 SUBLANG_HINDI_INDIA
0x040e Hungarian (hu) 0x0e LANG_HUNGARIAN Hungary (HU) 0x01 SUBLANG_HUNGARIAN_HUNGARY
0x040f Icelandic (is) 0x0f LANG_ICELANDIC Iceland (IS) 0x01 SUBLANG_ICELANDIC_ICELAND
0x0470 Igbo (ig) 0x70 LANG_IGBO Nigeria (NG) 0x01 SUBLANG_IGBO_NIGERIA
0x0421 Indonesian (id) 0x21 LANG_INDONESIAN Indonesia (ID) 0x01 SUBLANG_INDONESIAN_INDONESIA
0x085d Inuktitut (iu) 0x5d LANG_INUKTITUT Canada (CA), Latin 0x02 SUBLANG_INUKTITUT_CANADA_LATIN
0x045d Canada (CA), Syllabics 0x01 SUBLANG_INUKTITUT_CANADA
0x083c Irish (ga); see note 4 0x3c LANG_IRISH Ireland (IE) 0x02 SUBLANG_IRISH_IRELAND
0x0410 Italian (it) 0x10 LANG_ITALIAN Italy (IT) 0x01 SUBLANG_ITALIAN
0x0810 Switzerland (CH) 0x02 SUBLANG_ITALIAN_SWISS
0x0411 Japanese (ja) 0x11 LANG_JAPANESE Japan (JP) 0x01 SUBLANG_JAPANESE_JAPAN
0x044b Kannada (kn) 0x4b LANG_KANNADA India (IN) 0x01 SUBLANG_KANNADA_INDIA
______ (reserved) 0x60 LANG_KASHMIRI (reserved) 0x02 SUBLANG_KASHMIRI_INDIA
0x043f Kazakh (kk) 0x3f LANG_KAZAK Kazakhstan (KZ) 0x01 SUBLANG_KAZAK_KAZAKHSTAN
0x0453 Khmer (kh) 0x53 LANG_KHMER Cambodia (KH) 0x01 SUBLANG_KHMER_CAMBODIA
0x0486 K'iche (qut) 0x86 LANG_KICHE Guatemala (GT) 0x01 SUBLANG_KICHE_GUATEMALA
0x0487 Kinyarwanda (rw) 0x87 LANG_KINYARWANDA Rwanda (RW) 0x01 SUBLANG_KINYARWANDA_RWANDA
0x0457 Konkani (kok) 0x57 LANG_KONKANI India (IN) 0x01 SUBLANG_KONKANI_INDIA
0x0412 Korean (ko) 0x12 LANG_KOREAN Korea (KR) 0x01 SUBLANG_KOREAN
0x0440 Kyrgyz (ky) 0x40 LANG_KYRGYZ Kyrgyzstan (KG) 0x01 SUBLANG_KYRGYZ_KYRGYZSTAN
0x0454 Lao (lo) 0x54 LANG_LAO Lao PDR (LA) 0x01 SUBLANG_LAO_LAO
0x0426 Latvian (lv) 0x26 LANG_LATVIAN Latvia (LV) 0x01 SUBLANG_LATVIAN_LATVIA
0x0427 Lithuanian (lt) 0x27 LANG_LITHUANIAN Lithuanian (LT); see note 6 0x01 SUBLANG_LITHUANIAN_LITHUANIA
0x082e Lower Sorbian (dsb) 0x2e LANG_LOWER_SORBIAN Germany (DE) 0x02 SUBLANG_LOWER_SORBIAN_GERMANY
0x046e Luxembourgish (lb) 0x6e LANG_LUXEMBOURGISH Luxembourg (LU) 0x01 SUBLANG_LUXEMBOURGISH_LUXEMBOURG
0x042f Macedonian (mk) 0x2f LANG_MACEDONIAN Macedonia, FYROM (MK) 0x01 SUBLANG_MACEDONIAN_MACEDONIA
0x083e Malay (ms) 0x3e LANG_MALAY Brunei Darassalam (BN) 0x02 SUBLANG_MALAY_BRUNEI_DARUSSALAM
0x043e Malaysia (MY) 0x01 SUBLANG_MALAY_MALAYSIA
0x044c Malayalam (ml) 0x4c LANG_MALAYALAM India (IN) 0x01 SUBLANG_MALAYALAM_INDIA
0x043a Maltese (mt) 0x3a LANG_MALTESE Malta (MT) 0x01 SUBLANG_MALTESE_MALTA
(reserved) 0x58 LANG_MANIPURI
0x0481 Maori (mi) 0x81 LANG_MAORI New Zealand (NZ) 0x01 SUBLANG_MAORI_NEW_ZEALAND
0x047a Mapudungun (arn) 0x7a LANG_MAPUDUNGUN Chile (CL) 0x01 SUBLANG_MAPUDUNGUN_CHILE
0x044e Marathi (mr) 0x4e LANG_MARATHI India (IN) 0x01 SUBLANG_MARATHI_INDIA
0x047c Mohawk (moh) 0x7c LANG_MOHAWK Canada (CA) 0x01 SUBLANG_MOHAWK_MOHAWK
0x0450 Mongolian (mn) 0x50 LANG_MONGOLIAN Mongolia, Cyrillic (MN) 0x01 SUBLANG_MONGOLIAN_CYRILLIC_MONGOLIA
0x0850 Mongolia (CN) 0x02 SUBLANG_MONGOLIAN_PRC
0x0461 Nepali (ne) 0x61 LANG_NEPALI Nepal (NP) 0x01 SUBLANG_NEPALI_NEPAL
0x0414 Norwegian (no) 0x14 LANG_NORWEGIAN Bokmål, Norway (NO) 0x01 SUBLANG_NORWEGIAN_BOKMAL
0x0814 Nynorsk, Norway (NO) 0x02 SUBLANG_NORWEGIAN_NYNORSK
0x0482 Occitan (oc) 0x82 LANG_OCCITAN France (FR) 0x01 SUBLANG_OCCITAN_FRANCE
0x0448 Oriya (or) 0x48 LANG_ORIYA India (IN) 0x01 SUBLANG_ORIYA_INDIA
0x0463 Pashto (ps) 0x63 LANG_PASHTO Afghanistan (AF) 0x01 SUBLANG_PASHTO_AFGHANISTAN
0x0429 Persian (fa); see note 3 0x29 LANG_FARSI Iran (IR) 0x01 SUBLANG_PERSIAN_IRAN
0x0415 Polish (pl) 0x15 LANG_POLISH Poland (PL) 0x01 SUBLANG_POLISH_POLAND
0x0416 Portuguese (pt) 0x16 LANG_PORTUGUESE Brazil (BR) 0x01 SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE_BRAZILIAN
0x0816 Portugal (PT); see note 7 0x02 SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE
0x0816 Portugal (PT); see note 7 0x02 SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE_PORTUGAL
0x0446 Punjabi (pa) 0x46 LANG_PUNJABI India (IN) 0x01 SUBLANG_PUNJABI_INDIA
0x046b Quechua (quz) 0x6b LANG_QUECHUA Bolivia (BO) 0x01 SUBLANG_QUECHUA_BOLIVIA
0x086b Ecuador (EC) 0x02 SUBLANG_QUECHUA_ECUADOR
0x0c6b Peru (PE) 0x03 SUBLANG_QUECHUA_PERU
0x0418 Romanian (ro) 0x18 LANG_ROMANIAN Romania (RO) 0x01 SUBLANG_ROMANIAN_ROMANIA
0x0417 Romansh (rm) 0x17 LANG_ROMANSH Switzerland (CH) 0x01 SUBLANG_ROMANSH_SWITZERLAND
0x0419 Russian (ru) 0x19 LANG_RUSSIAN Russia (RU) 0x01 SUBLANG_RUSSIAN_RUSSIA
0x243b Sami (se) 0x3b LANG_SAMI Inari, Finland (FI) 0x09 SUBLANG_SAMI_INARI_FINLAND
0x103b Lule, Norway (NO) 0x04 SUBLANG_SAMI_LULE_NORWAY
0x143b Lule, Sweden (SE) 0x05 SUBLANG_SAMI_LULE_SWEDEN
0x0c3b Northern, Finland (FI) 0x03 SUBLANG_SAMI_NORTHERN_FINLAND
0x043b Northern, Norway (NO) 0x01 SUBLANG_SAMI_NORTHERN_NORWAY
0x083b Northern, Sweden (SE) 0x02 SUBLANG_SAMI_NORTHERN_SWEDEN
0x203b Skolt, Finland (FI) 0x08 SUBLANG_SAMI_SKOLT_FINLAND
0x183b Southern, Norway (NO) 0x06 SUBLANG_SAMI_SOUTHERN_NORWAY
0x1c3b Southern, Sweden (SE) 0x07 SUBLANG_SAMI_SOUTHERN_SWEDEN
0x044f Sanskrit (sa) 0x4f LANG_SANSKRIT India (IN) 0x01 SUBLANG_SANSKRIT_INDIA
0x7c1a Serbian (sr); see note 2 LANG_SERBIAN_NEUTRAL Neutral
0x181a Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latin (BA) 0x06 SUBLANG_SERBIAN_BOSNIA_HERZEGOVINA_LATIN
0x0c1a Serbia, Cyrillic (CS) 0x03 SUBLANG_SERBIAN_CYRILLIC
0x081a Serbia, Latin (CS) 0x02 SUBLANG_SERBIAN_LATIN
0x046c Sesotho sa Leboa/Northern Sotho (ns) 0x6c LANG_SOTHO South Africa (ZA) 0x01 SUBLANG_SOTHO_NORTHERN_SOUTH_AFRICA
0x0432 Setswana/Tswana (tn) 0x32 LANG_TSWANA South Africa (ZA) 0x01 SUBLANG_TSWANA_SOUTH_AFRICA
(reserved) 0x59 LANG_SINDHI (reserved) 0x02 SUBLANG_SINDHI_AFGHANISTAN
(reserved) (reserved) 0x01 SUBLANG_SINDHI_PAKISTAN
0x045b Sinhala (si) 0x5b LANG_SINHALESE Sri Lanka (LK) 0x01 SUBLANG_SINHALESE_SRI_LANKA
0x041b Slovak (sk) 0x1b LANG_SLOVAK Slovakia (SK) 0x01 SUBLANG_SLOVAK_SLOVAKIA
0x0424 Slovenian (sl) 0x24 LANG_SLOVENIAN Slovenia (SI) 0x01 SUBLANG_SLOVENIAN_SLOVENIA
0x2c0a Spanish (es) 0x0a LANG_SPANISH Argentina (AR) 0x0b SUBLANG_SPANISH_ARGENTINA
0x400a Bolivia (BO) 0x10 SUBLANG_SPANISH_BOLIVIA
0x340a Chile (CL) 0x0d SUBLANG_SPANISH_CHILE
0x240a Colombia (CO) 0x09 SUBLANG_SPANISH_COLOMBIA
0x140a Costa Rica (CR) 0x05 SUBLANG_SPANISH_COSTA_RICA
0x1c0a Dominican Republic (DO) 0x07 SUBLANG_SPANISH_DOMINICAN_REPUBLIC
0x300a Ecuador (EC) 0x0c SUBLANG_SPANISH_ECUADOR
0x440a El Salvador (SV) 0x11 SUBLANG_SPANISH_EL_SALVADOR
0x100a Guatemala (GT) 0x04 SUBLANG_SPANISH_GUATEMALA
0x480a Honduras (HN) 0x12 SUBLANG_SPANISH_HONDURAS
0x4c0a Nicaragua (NI) 0x13 SUBLANG_SPANISH_NICARAGUA
0x180a Panama (PA) 0x06 SUBLANG_SPANISH_PANAMA
0x3c0a Paraguay (PY) 0x0f SUBLANG_SPANISH_PARAGUAY
0x280a Peru (PE) 0x0a SUBLANG_SPANISH_PERU
0x500a Puerto Rico (PR) 0x14 SUBLANG_SPANISH_PUERTO_RICO
0x0c0a Spain (ES) 0x01 SUBLANG_SPANISH
United States (US) 0x15 SUBLANG_SPANISH_US
0x380a Uruguay (UY) 0x0e SUBLANG_SPANISH_URUGUAY
0x200a Venezuela (VE) 0x08 SUBLANG_SPANISH_VENEZUELA
0x0441 Swahili (sw) 0x41 LANG_SWAHILI Kenya (KE) 0x01 SUBLANG_SWAHILI
0x081d Swedish (sv) 0x1d LANG_SWEDISH Finland (FI) 0x02 SUBLANG_SWEDISH_FINLAND
0x041d Sweden (SE); see note 8 0x01 SUBLANG_SWEDISH
0x041d Sweden (SE); see note 8 0x01 SUBLANG_SWEDISH_SWEDEN
0x045a Syriac (syr) 0x5a LANG_SYRIAC Syria (SY) 0x01 SUBLANG_SYRIAC
0x0428 Tajik (tg) 0x28 LANG_TAJIK Tajikistan (TJ) 0x01 SUBLANG_TAJIK_TAJIKISTAN
0x085f Tamazight (tmz) 0x5f LANG_TAMAZIGHT Algeria, Latin (DZ) 0x02 SUBLANG_TAMAZIGHT_ALGERIA_LATIN
0x0449 Tamil (ta) 0x49 LANG_TAMIL India (IN) 0x01 SUBLANG_TAMIL_INDIA
0x0444 Tatar (tt) 0x44 LANG_TATAR Russia (RU) 0x01 SUBLANG_TATAR_RUSSIA
0x044a Telugu (te) 0x4a LANG_TELUGU India (IN) 0x01 SUBLANG_TELUGU_INDIA
0x041e Thai (th) 0x1e LANG_THAI Thailand (TH) 0x01 SUBLANG_THAI_THAILAND
0x0451 Tibetan (bo) 0x51 LANG_TIBETAN PRC (CN) 0x01 SUBLANG_TIBETAN_PRC
(reserved) 0x73 LANG_TIGRIGNA (reserved) 0x02 SUBLANG_TIGRIGNA_ERITREA
0x041f Turkish (tr) 0x1f LANG_TURKISH Turkey (TR) 0x01 SUBLANG_TURKISH_TURKEY
0x0442 Turkmen (tk) 0x42 LANG_TURKMEN Turkmenistan (TM) 0x01 SUBLANG_TURKMEN_TURKMENISTAN
0x0480 Uighur (ug) 0x80 LANG_UIGHUR PRC (CN) 0x01 SUBLANG_UIGHUR_PRC
0x0422 Ukrainian (uk) 0x22 LANG_UKRAINIAN Ukraine (UA) 0x01 SUBLANG_UKRAINIAN_UKRAINE
0x042e Upper Sorbian (wen) 0x2e LANG_UPPER_SORBIAN Germany (DE) 0x01 SUBLANG_UPPER_SORBIAN_GERMANY
0x0820 Urdu (ur) 0x20 LANG_URDU (reserved) 0x02 SUBLANG_URDU_INDIA
0x0420 Pakistan (PK) 0x01 SUBLANG_URDU_PAKISTAN
0x0843 Uzbek (uz) 0x43 LANG_UZBEK Uzbekistan, Cyrillic (UZ) 0x02 SUBLANG_UZBEK_CYRILLIC
0x0443 Uzbekistan, Latin (UZ) 0x01 SUBLANG_UZBEK_LATIN
0x042a Vietnamese (vi) 0x2a LANG_VIETNAMESE Vietnam (VN) 0x01 SUBLANG_VIETNAMESE_VIETNAM
0x0452 Welsh (cy) 0x52 LANG_WELSH United Kingdom (GB) 0x01 SUBLANG_WELSH_UNITED_KINGDOM
0x0488 Wolof (wo) 0x88 LANG_WOLOF Senegal (SN) 0x01 SUBLANG_WOLOF_SENEGAL
0x0434 Xhosa/isiXhosa (xh) 0x34 LANG_XHOSA South Africa (ZA) 0x01 SUBLANG_XHOSA_SOUTH_AFRICA
0x0485 Yakut (sah) 0x85 LANG_YAKUT Russia (RU) 0x01 SUBLANG_YAKUT_RUSSIA
0x0478 Yi (ii) 0x78 LANG_YI PRC (CN) 0x01 SUBLANG_YI_PRC
0x046a Yoruba (yo) 0x6a LANG_YORUBA Nigeria (NG) 0x01 SUBLANG_YORUBA_NIGERIA
0x0435 Zulu/isiZulu (zu) 0x35 LANG_ZULU South Africa (ZA) 0x01 SUBLANG_ZULU_SOUTH_AFRICA

Language Identifier Notes

1. To set a neutral language, use LANG_CHINESE_SIMPLIFIED or LANG_CHINESE_TRADITIONAL with ConvertDefaultLocale.

2. Primary language identifiers for Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian are numerically identical. For Bosnian, use LANG_BOSNIAN with SUBLANG_BOSNIAN_* sublanguage identifiers. For Croation, use LANG_CROATIAN with SUBLANG_CROATIAN_* sublanguage identifiers. For Serbian, use LANG_SERBIAN with SUBLANG_SERBIAN_* sublanguage identifiers. To set a neutral language, use LANG_BOSNIAN_NEUTRAL, LANG_CROATION, or LANG_SERBIAN_NEUTRAL with ConvertDefaultLocale.

3. The language identifiers for Farsi and Persian are numerically identical. The constant LANG_FARSI is deprecated. Use LANG_PERSIAN instead.

4. Always use the language identifier constant LANG_IRISH with SUBLANG_IRISH_IRELAND.

5. Windows Vista and later: SUBLANG_ENGLISH_IRELAND supersedes SUBLANG_ENGLISH_EIRE. The numerical values of the constants are identical.

6. Windows Vista and later: SUBLANG_LITHUANIAN_LITHUANIA supersedes SUBLANG_LITHUANIAN. The numerical values of the constants are identical.

7. Windows Vista and later: SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE_PORTUGAL supersedes SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE. The numerical values of the constants are identical.

8. Windows Vista and later: SUBLANG_SWEDISH_SWEDEN supersedes SUBLANG_SWEDISH. The numerical values of the contants are identical.