How does Modern Standby relate to Windows 8 Connected Standby and S3

Instant On

In Windows 10, there are two power models for PCs: S3 and Modern Standby. The S3 power model is an older standard and is not capable of the instant on that consumers expect from modern devices. Modern Standby is capable of leveraging all the capabilities of a modern chipset and can be integrated across the breadth of tablets and PCs today. The first iteration of Modern Standby was Connected Standby, which first shipped in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Modern Standby expands upon the Windows 8.x Connected Standby concept, allowing more flexibility in component selection.Figure 2: The legacy and modern standby models.

The above figure illustrates the relationships between all models, and how CS can be considered as a special case of Modern Standby in Windows 10, as a connected state.

Modern Standby systems can be connected or disconnected while in standby. This behavior is dictated by the hardware and/or by configuration.

On any Modern Standby system (whether connected or disconnected), the system remains in S0 while in standby, allowing the following scenarios to work:

  • Background activity
  • Faster resume from a low power state

On systems that are connected while in standby, wakes based on specific network patterns may also be set by the operating system to enable apps to receive the latest content such as incoming email, VoIP calls, or news articles.



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