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Visual C++ Custom Build Rule Files Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to select or search for rule files, which contain custom build rules for your C++ projects.

To access this dialog box, right-click the project node in Solution Explorer to display the project shortcut menu, and then click Custom Build Rules....

Dialog Box Elements

  • Available Rule Files
    Displays the list of available rule files. In the Name column, select the check box for each rule file that you want to add to your project.


    Use the VC++ Project Settings, Projects and Solutions, Options Dialog Box to modify the Rule File Search Paths option.

  • Find Existing
    Searches for rules files.

  • Refresh List
    Refreshes the list of available rules files.

  • Contained Custom Build Rules
    Displays the custom build rules that are contained in the rule file that is selected in the Available Rule Files list.


If you open a solution created by a previous version of Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 automatically converts any old custom build rule files (.rules) to the new file structure for custom build rules.

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