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Call this member function to open a file located on an FTP server for reading or writing.


      CInternetFile* OpenFile(
   LPCTSTR pstrFileName,
   DWORD_PTR dwContext = 1 


  • pstrFileName
    A pointer to a string containing the name of the file to be opened.

  • dwAccess
    Determines how the file will be accessed. Can be either GENERIC_READ or GENERIC_WRITE, but not both.

  • dwFlags
    Specifies the conditions under which subsequent transfers occur. This can be any of the following FTP_TRANSFER_* constants:

    • FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE_ASCII   The file transfers using FTP ASCII (Type A) transfer method. Converts control and formatting information to local equivalents.

    • FTP_TRANSFER_TYPE_BINARY   The file transfers data using FTP's Image (Type I) transfer method. The file transfers data exactly as it exists, with no changes. This is the default transfer method.

  • dwContext
    The context identifier for opening the file. See Remarks for more information about dwContext.

Return Value

A pointer to a CInternetFile object.


OpenFile should be used in the following situations:

  • An application has data that needs to be sent and created as a file on the FTP server, but that data is not in a local file. Once OpenFile opens a file, the application uses CInternetFile::Write to send the FTP file data to the server.

  • An application must retrieve a file from the server and place it into application-controlled memory, instead of writing it to disk. The application uses CInternetFile::Read after using OpenFile to open the file.

  • An application needs a fine level of control over a file transfer. For example, the application may want to display a progress control indicate the progress of the file transfer status while downloading a file.

After calling OpenFile and until calling CInternetConnection::Close, the application can only call CInternetFile::Read, CInternetFile::Write, CInternetConnection::Close, or CFtpFileFind::FindFile. Calls to other FTP functions for the same FTP session will fail and set the error code to FTP_ETRANSFER_IN_PROGRESS.

The pstrFileName parameter can be either a partially qualified filename relative to the current directory or fully qualified. A backslash (\) or forward slash (/) can be used as the directory separator for either name. OpenFile translates the directory name separators to the appropriate characters before using it.

Override the dwContext default to set the context identifier to a value of your choosing. The context identifier is associated with this specific operation of the CFtpConnection object created by its CInternetSession object. The value is returned to CInternetSession::OnStatusCallback to provide status on the operation with which it is identified. See the article Internet First Steps: WinInet for more information about the context identifier.


Header: afxinet.h

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