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Visual C++ Libraries Reference

[This documentation is for preview only, and is subject to change in later releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

The Visual C++ libraries are documented in the following references.

In This Section

  • ATL Reference
    Provides reference material for the ATL Library, a set of template-based C++ classes that simplify the programming of COM objects.

  • MFC Reference
    Provides reference material for the MFC Library, a set of classes that constitute an application framework, which is the framework of an application written for the Windows API.

  • ATL/MFC Shared Classes
    Provides reference material for classes shared between ATL and MFC.

  • Miscellaneous Support Libraries
    Provides reference material for libraries that provide additional support to the C++ language.

  • OLE DB Templates
    Provides reference material for the OLE DB consumer and provider templates, a set of template classes that implement many commonly used OLE DB interfaces.

  • Run-Time Library Reference
    Provides reference material for the C Run-Time Library, a set of routines that automate many common programming tasks that are not provided by the C and C++ languages.

  • Standard C++ Library Reference
    Provides reference material for the Standard C++ Library implementation, a set of header files that provide functions to perform essential services such as input and output and provide efficient implementations of frequently used operations.

  • Standard C++ Library TR1 Extensions Reference
    Provides reference material for supported extensions to the Standard C++ Library in Technical Report 1, including array templates, random number generators, smart pointers, type traits, templates for tuples, regular expressions, and more.

  • STL/CLR Library Reference
    The STL/CLR Library is a packaging of the Standard Template Library (STL), a subset of the Standard C++ Library, for use with C++ and the .NET Framework common language runtime (CLR). With STL/CLR, you can use all the containers, iterators, and algorithms of STL in a managed environment.

  • Concurrency Runtime
    Provides reference material for the Concurrency Runtime, a programming framework for C++ that simplifies the process of creating parallel applications.

  • .NET Framework Reference
    Provides links to reference documentation for the .NET Framework.

  • Visual C++ Sample Applications
    Provides links to sample code showing the capabilities of Visual C++ and the libraries and technologies it supports.

  • Debugging in Visual Studio
    Provides links to using the Visual Studio debugger to correct logic errors in your application or stored procedures.

  • Building a C/C++ Program
    Provides links to topics describing building your program from the command line or from the integrated development environment of Visual Studio.

  • Visual C++
    Provides links to different areas of the Visual Studio and Visual C++ documentation set.