Maintenance Tools

Several utility programs are included with Visual SourceSafe. These programs are largely used in maintaining a database, as described in Maintaining and Optimizing Visual SourceSafe in this Help system.

In This Section

  • ANALYZE Utility
    Scans a Visual SourceSafe database for integrity, displays information and errors in a results window, and optionally fixes any errors.
  • DDCONV Utility
    Converts a Visual SourceSafe database from an earlier format to the current format.
  • DDUPD Utility
    Upgrades or downgrades a Visual SourceSafe database to a new format, which is applied upon initialization.
  • MKSS Utility
    Creates an empty Visual SourceSafe database in an old format.
  • SS Utility
    Implements Visual SourceSafe commands from the command line.
  • SSARC Utility
    Allows you to archive files, projects, or old versions from a Visual SourceSafe database.
  • SSEXP Utility
    Runs Visual SourceSafe Explorer from the command line for a specified database.

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