/ALIGN (Section Alignment)


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## Remarks  
 The alignment value.  
## Remarks  
 The /ALIGN option specifies the alignment of each section within the linear address space of the program. The `number` argument is in bytes and must be a power of two. The default is 4K (4096). The linker issues a warning if the alignment produces an invalid image.  
 Unless you are writing an application such as a device driver, you should not need to modify the alignment.  
 It is possible to modify the alignment of a particular section with the align parameter to the [/SECTION](../Topic/-SECTION%20\(Specify%20Section%20Attributes\).md) option.  
 The alignment value that you specify cannot be smaller than the largest section alignment.  
### To set this linker option in the Visual Studio development environment  
1.  Open the project's **Property Pages** dialog box. For details, see [Setting Visual C++ Project Properties](../Topic/Working%20with%20Project%20Properties.md).  
2.  Click the **Linker** folder.  
3.  Click the **Command Line** property page.  
4.  Type the option into the **Additional Options** box.  
### To set this linker option programmatically  
-  See [AdditionalOptions](assetId:///P:Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine.VCCLCompilerTool.AdditionalOptions?qualifyHint=False&autoUpgrade=True).  
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