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As of ATL 7.0, CComModule is obsolete: see ATL Module Classes for more details.


      HRESULT UnregisterServer(
   const CLSID* pCLSID = NULL
) throw ( );
inline HRESULT UnregisterServer(
   BOOL bUnRegTypeLib,
   const CLSID* pCLSID = NULL
) throw ( );


  • bUnRegTypeLib
    If TRUE, the type library is also unregistered.

  • pCLSID
    Points to the CLSID of the object to be unregistered. If NULL (the default value), all objects in the object map will be unregistered.

Return Value

A standard HRESULT value.


Depending on the pCLSID parameter, unregisters either a single class object or all objects in the object map.

UnregisterServer will be called automatically by DLLUnregisterServer for a DLL or by WinMain for an EXE run with the /UnregServer command line option.

See OBJECT_ENTRY_AUTO for information on how to add an entry to the object map.


Header: atlbase.h

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