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Blogs from the C# Team

Get connected with the C# team through their blogs (web logs). Ask questions, read about the development process behind your favorite language and tools, and more.

Blogs by Team

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C# Team Members
(that don't fit into one of the other categories!)

  • Charlie Calvert
    Charlie is the C# Community PM. He works with customers, MVP’s and various organizations inside and outside Microsoft to facilitate the communication of information about C# and the C# team.
  • The C# FAQ
    The C# team posts answers to common questions.

C# Compiler Team

  • Matt Warren
    Matt Warren is a member of the Visual C# compiler team, recently acquired from the SQL Server team. He is personally responsible for many of the bugs in ADO and System.XML. As for C#, he has completed exactly one feature. Matt’s blog entries are a journey into the twisted mind of a Microsoft developer.
  • Eric Lippert
    Eric is a developer on the C# team. He is both an excellent writer and the leading blogger on the C# team.
  • Sam Ng
    Sam is an engineer on the C# team.
  • Sreekar Choudhary
    Sree is an engineer on the C# team.
  • Luca Bolognese
    Luca Bolognese is a program manager in the C# compiler team.

IDE Team

  • DJ Park
    DJ is a Program Manager on the C# team.
  • Kevin Pilch-Bisson
    Kevin is a developer working on the C# editor experience in Visual Studio. Watch this blog for posts about development and features within the C# editor team.
  • CSharpening
    The QA team blog.
  • Kirill Osenkov
    Kirill is a prolific blogger with a passion for C# and the C# community.