Windows Media Player 11 SDK AmbientAttributes.clippingColor 

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The clippingColor attribute specifies or retrieves the color to clip out from the clippingImage bitmap.



Possible Values

This attribute is a read/write String.

Value Description
Auto Default. The color at pixel location 0,0 is used.
any Microsoft Internet Explorer color value The specified Internet Explorer color is used.


The clipping color indicates the regions of the clippingImage (or backgroundImage for VIEW or SUBVIEW) that correspond to transparent, non-clickable portions of the control. The clipping color can indicate multiple regions to be clipped out. A warning is issued if the clippingImage is a JPG to warn of loss of color in JPGs.

The clippingColor attribute is not supported by the PLAYLIST element.


Windows Media Player version 7.0 or later.

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