Windows Media Player 11 SDK IWMPPlaylist.attributeName (VB and C#) 

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IWMPPlaylist.attributeName (VB and C#)

The attributeName property (the get_attributeName method in C#) gets the name of a playlist attribute specified by an index.




A System.Int32 that is the index of the playlist attribute.

Return Value

A System.String that is the name of the playlist attribute.


IWMPPlaylist.attributeName is a read-only property in Visual Basic that takes a parameter, while in C# it is referred to as the IWMPPlaylist.get_attributeName method.

The number of attributes associated with a playlist is returned by the IWMPPlaylist.attributeCount property.

The name returned by this property can be supplied to the setItemInfo or getItemInfo methods to specify or retrieve a value for the named attribute.

Before using this property, you must have read access to the library. For more information, see Library Access.

For more information about attributes supported by Windows Media Player, see the Attribute Reference.

Example Code

See the attributeCount property for example code that uses this property.


Version: Windows Media Player 9 Series or later

Namespace: WMPLib

Assembly: Interop.WMPLib.dll (automatically generated by Visual Studio)

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