Windows Media Player 11 SDK PlaylistCollection.importPlaylist 

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The importPlaylist method adds a static playlist to the library.





Playlist object to be added.

Return Values

This method returns the Playlist object that was added.


Playlists that do not contain any media items cannot be added to the library by using this method. To create an empty playlist in the library, use the newPlaylist method. You can then fill the resulting playlist with media items by using Playlist**.appendItem** or Playlist**.insertItem**.

If you pass this method an auto playlist, the query is executed once and the result is added to the library as a static playlist. To add an auto playlist to the library and preserve its automatic behavior, use MediaCollection**.add**. For more information, see Static and Auto Playlists.

To use this method, full access to the library is required. For more information, see Library Access.


Version: Windows Media Player version 7.0 or later.

Library: Use wmp.dll.

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