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Connection Manager

Connection Manager is responsible for managing network connections for CellCore-enabled devices. Connection Manager abstracts the various connection options from the end user to provide seamless data connection for CellCore devices.

CellCore provides a basic set of wireless connection oriented services that include the Radio Interface Layer (RIL), Short Message Service support (SMS), Wireless Application Protocol Support (WAP), an Extended TAPI and TSP, Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card support, AT Command Interpreter (ATCI) and a Connection Manager.

Connection Manager centralizes and automates establishing and managing various types of network connections. This centralization and automation allows abstraction of all the connection options from users and third-party software developers, and simplifies the data connection experience on a device that connects to a private network or to the Internet.

The Connection Manager can handle many different types of connections, including Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Remote Access Service (RAS) connections and Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) connections. The Connection Manager can also configure proxy server settings to allow network resources through a firewall or Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) gateway.

When connection errors occur, the error is reported back to the shell for display to the user. If multiple errors occur during a connection attempt — for example, if several different RAS numbers are tried and different errors occur for each one — only the most recent error is shown to the user.

Typically the mobile operator or corporate Information Technology (IT) department preconfigures the available connection options and their properties. If the information is preconfigured, users do not need to enter or understand any of this information.

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