IWMDMProgress2::End2 (deprecated)

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This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.

This topic documents a feature of the Windows Media Device Manager SDK. We recommend that you migrate your application to use the Windows Portable Devices API. For more information, see the Windows Portable Devices SDK.

The End2 method extends IWMDMProgress::End by providing a completion status indicator.


  HRESULT  hrCompletionCode



[in]  The return value of the operation that ended.

Return Values

The return value from the method is ignored by Windows Media Device Manager.


IWMDMProgress2 is a callback interface provided by the application to Windows Media Device Manager for a particular operation. End2 is called when that operation is completed. The hrCompletionCode parameter is the completion status of the operation that was in progress. For example, an application can provide an IWMDMProgress2 interface pointer to the Insert2 method. When the file transfer done by Insert2 is completed, End2 is called on the IWMDMProgress2 interface pointer with the completion status of the file transfer as the hrCompletion parameter.

IWMDMProgress3::End3 provides more information, and should be implemented instead of this method.

Example Code

The following C++ code is a simple implementation of the Progress2 method.

HRESULT Progress(DWORD  dwTranspiredTicks)
    // TODO: Display the message: "IWMDMProgress::Progress called." 
    // followed by the dwTranspiredTicks value.
    return S_OK;


Header: Defined in mswmdm.h.

Library: mssachlp.lib

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