ColumnSet XML Schema

This is a parameter that is passed into many API methods that retrieve data from the Microsoft CRM database. The following describes the schema for this parameter:

ColumnSetXml := 
      (count='items-per-page')? >
      ( ColumnXml | OrderXml | FilterXml ) *

ColumnXml := 

OrderXml := AscendXml | DescendXml

AscendXml :=

DescendXml :=

FilterXml := SingleFilterXml | MultipleFilterXml

SingleFilterXml :=
      operator=('eq' | 'neq' | 'like' ) 
      value='value-data' />
MultipleFilterXml :=
      value='(value-data)?(,value-data)*' />

The following table shows the valid operators for filter.

Operator Description
Eq Attribute equals value
Neq Attribute does not equal value
Like Attribute begins with value

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