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Visual Studio Design-Time Breaking Changes

Short Description Solution configuration changes after migration so that a project will be marked "Do not build" even though it was marked to be built, for solutions with the same GUID
Affected APIs None Severity Medium Compat Switch Available No

Description A corrupt solution that had 2 projects with the same GUID may have correctly built in V1.1. In version 2.0, this confuses the V1.1 to V2.0 upgrade engine. As a result, the projects are marked as 'Do not build', and they will not be built.

User Scenario Upgrading a V1.1 solution

Work Around Start with a blank solution. Then add your projects using "add existing project" functionality


Short Description Extensiblity no longer uses Microsoft.Office.dll
Affected APIs All APIs in Microsoft.Office.dll Severity Medium Compat Switch Available No

Description The extensibility library removed its reference to Microsoft.Office.dll, and changed it to Microsoft.VisualStudio.CommandBars.dll. This was to remove the dependency on the former library

User Scenario Any add-ins, macros which rely on Microsoft.Office.dll will have to be updated to use this new dll

Work Around None


Short Description Build Error after migrating an application that compiles in VS2003: Invalid characters in resx files
Affected APIs None Severity Medium Compat Switch Available No

Description This is an issue where the user created an invalid resx file, in which the file encoding was ANSI but the content contained high ANSI characters. The only way to accomplish this is an explicit Save As, which in user gestures is akin to Saving a VB source file As C#. Nonetheless, V1.1 of the Framework had a different issue related to Byte-Order-Mark (BOM) vs. a declared encoding that masked this. An upgraded project will not detect or correct the invalid resx, and thus the version 2.0 build will fail with an appropriate error message about invalid characters in the file

User Scenario V1.1 projects with an invalid .resx file as described above build in VS 2003 but do not build after upgrade in V2.0

Work Around Open the .resx file and save it as UTF-8 and do a rebuild