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Technology Information

Technology Overview
Read the technology overview for the .NET Framework 1.1, which includes key information on the class libraries and the common language runtime.
Enterprise Development Strategy
The Enterprise Development Strategy Series of briefing papers from Microsoft are designed to deliver overview and technical information of Microsoft application development technologies to developers, architects and IT management. The papers in this occasional series describe strategic goals Microsoft is addressing and summary technical information on these technologies and how they address the needs of the enterprise.
System Requirements
Check to see that your system is ready to run the .NET Framework.
Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to frequently asked questions about the .NET Framework 1.1.
Evaluation Guide
Learn how the .NET Framework 1.1, together Microsoft .NET-connected technologies, can help you achieve your development goals.
Features Overview
Review the powerful tools that the .NET Framework 1.1 offers for building and running applications and XML Web services.
.NET Infrastructure and Services
Here you’ll find information to help you design, implement, maintain, and support .NET infrastructure and services.
Versioning, Compatibility, and Side-by-Side Execution in the .NET Framework
Learn more about the compatibility and behavioral changes between versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the .NET Framework.