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Building ASP Pages

ASP provides a powerful and extensible framework for creating server-side scripts with any COM compliant scripting or programming language. This section is intended to teach the fundamentals of using a scripting language to create an .asp file. You will learn how to accomplish a wide range of basic programming tasks, from creating a loop to manipulating a database and processing transactions. Whether you are a beginning or experienced scripter, you can envision the topics in this section as development goals, that is, as demonstrations intended to encourage you by suggesting more sophisticated ways in which you can utilize ASP. This can lead to applications that perform better and are more maintainable.

Although these topics introduce some scripting and programming concepts, they are not intended to teach you a scripting language. Microsoft scripting languages (Microsoft VBScript and Microsoft JScript) provide their own documentation, and many additional scripting books are available from your local bookseller. So, if you are new to scripting, take advantage of the many books, classes, and Internet resources which can help you to master these languages.

important Important When you initially install IIS, the service is installed in a highly secure mode. Because IIS only serves static content by default, you must enable features such as ASP, ASP.NET, CGI, ISAPI, and WebDAV, if you need them. To enable these features, from IIS Manager, click Web Service Extensions under local computer.

This section includes:

  • For more information about developing programmatically advanced collections of scripts called applications, see Developing Web Applications.
  • For more information about designing Web applications, see Design Decisions.