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Office Business Applications (OBA)

With the 2007 Office System, Microsoft Office has evolved beyond a productivity suite into a unified solutions platform that makes enterprise data and processes more accessible and relevant to users. Composed of clients, servers, services, and tools, it provides a single infrastructure for communication and collaboration, business intelligence, and content management solutions. This site brings together relevant ideas, concepts, and best practices to aid architects in designing and building applications using the Microsoft Office System.

OBA Solution Patterns In The Real World OBA Solution Patterns In The Real World

Large-scale systems such as SAP and PeopleSoft, and other comprehensive line of business (LOB) systems, are critical for the successful management of all types of business data and processes. However, not everyone in an organization has access to these systems, so the business data in them is often available to only a select few. Office Business Applications (OBAs) address this problem by using Office to bridge the divide between business data in LOB systems and the information worker.

OBA Composition Reference Toolkit OBA Composition Reference Toolkit

At the Office Developer Conference today (February 11, 2008), Javed Sikander Sr. Director Platform Architecture, Microsoft announced the availability of the OBA Composition Reference Toolkit. The toolkit is available as a free download, it allows Information Workers to easily compose Office Business Applications from OBA Components such as SharePoint Web parts, content types, site pages, workflows, BDC application definitions, Visual Studio Tools for Office add-ins and Line of Business systems data sources. This toolkit is an illustration of composition capabilities of the 2007 Microsoft Office System and provides best practices and guidelines for building composite solutions.

Integrating LOB Systems with the Microsoft Office System

LOB systems play a crucial role in supporting the functioning of businesses across a wide range of industries and markets. "The Results Gap" described in this paper plagues a significant majority of existing LOB system deployments. This trend will continue if solutions to bridge the gap are not implemented to unlock the value of LOB system investments across the broad spectrum of business application users.

Javed Sikander on Office Architecture Javed Sikander on Office Architecture

My name is Javed Sikander. My team created reference architectures for key vertical industry scenarios (Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services and other industries). Learn what we got about the 2007 Office System and its use as the underlying platform for the new generation business applications.


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