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MS Architecture Blogs

  • Anna Liu
    Anna Liu is an Architect Evangelist at Microsoft in Sydney, Australia
  • Beat Schwegler
    Beat Schwegler is an Architect working for Microsoft EMEA and focuses mainly on Web Services, Interoperability and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Clemens Vasters
    Clemens Vasters is an Architect MVP, CTO of Newtelligence AG, and Principal Architect of the Microsoft examples of “Proseware” and “FABRIQ"
  • Dave Welsh

    Dave is a member of Microsoft’s Corporate Standards policy team. He is involved with all of Microsoft’s global standards around server & tools which includes everything from XML to WS-*, from W3C to Oasis and ISO, all Office standards including Office Open XML, and all vertical industry standards from the enterprise markets to Microsoft Dynamics products

  • Fred Chong
    Fred Chong is a Solution Architect on Microsoft's Architecture Strategy Team
  • Gianpaolo Carraro
    Gianpaolo Carraro is a Solution Architect on Microsoft's Architecture Strategy Team
  • Hanu Kommalapati
    Hanu Kommalapati is an Architect Evangelist at Microsoft
  • Harry Pierson
    Pierson is an Architect with Microsoft IT’s Integration Center of Excellence
  • Javed Sikander
    Javed is Group Program Manager for the Industry Solution Architecture Team at Microsoft. He and his team are engaged in addressing the challenges of Architects and Technical Decision Makers in six key industries
  • John deVadoss
    John deVadoss is the Director of Architecture Strategy on Microsoft's Architecture Strategy Team
  • John Evdemon
    John Evdemon has been designing and deploying enterprise systems for over two decades. He is currently focused on BPM and SOA as a member of Microsoft's Developer and Partner Evangelism Architecture Strategy Team
  • Microsoft Certified Architect Program - News & Thoughts
    This blog has an impressive list of contributors from Microsoft's Certified Architect Program.
  • Mike Walker

    Mike Walker is an architect with Microsoft's Architecture Strategy Team in Redmond. His focus is Enterprise Architecture and the Financial Industry (Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance Value Chain, etc).

  • Moin Moinuddin
    Moin Moinuddin is a Retail Industry Architect on Microsoft's Architecture Strategy Team
  • Nigel Watson
    Watson is an Architect Evangelist at Microsoft in Melbourne, Australia
  • Ramkumar Kothandaraman
    Ram is an Architect Evangelist with Microsoft in India. He blogs on subjects ranging from object-relational mapping to the traits of good architecture
  • Ron Jacobs
    Ron Jacobs is an Architect regarding Microsoft's Architecture Strategy Team and the host of Skyscrapr's ARCast series
  • Ryan Plant
    Ryan Plant is an Architecture Advisor for Microsoft in the United States. Ryan is also a Microsoft Certified Architect in Solutions and a member of the MCA Board of Directors
  • Simon Guest

    Simon Guest is a Group Program Manager in the Architecture Strategy team at Microsoft, specializing in creating content and communities for the Architect audience. Drawing on over a decade of experience as a consultant in various industries, Simon enjoys taking an objective and pragmatic approach to developing solutions using Microsoft technology. A frequent speaker at conferences worldwide, Simon also enjoys writing, and is the author of the 'Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit' by Microsoft Press

  • Vittorio Bertocci
    Vittorio Bertocci is a Microsoft Architect Evangelist

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