Jason Weber

Jason Weber
Lead Program Manager
Visual Studio - IDE Team
E-mail Address: Jason@JasonWeber.com

Last Updated: 5/26/2004

My team and I are focused on creating the premier tools platform for internal teams, partners and customers. We provide the Microsoft Development Environment, which is the foundation for the Microsoft Visual Studio family and countless other tools. Our focus is four fold. First to provide a robust and extensible architecture for the environment. Second to provide a set of shared features within that environment, such as the TaskList and Toolbox. Third to provide a solid set of extensibility mechanisms for the environment, everything from Macros to VSIP. And fourth to direct the environment and ensure a predictable and consistent experience.

Before joining Visual Studio I spent 5 years as a lead in Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit. In the MacBU I worked on almost every Macintosh application that comes from Microsoft and helped drive the migration to Mac OS X and the Aqua User Interface. The Macintosh will always be close to my heart but the .net platform was a defining release for the industry and laid the foundation for the next generation Microsoft platform. I wanted to be part of that transformation!

Jason Weber's site

Web Site: https://www.jasonweber.com


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