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Create a drivetime zone

  1. Select the point on the map that you want to be the center of your drivetime zone.

    Note  You can select a place name, a business or attraction, a Pushpin or other data point, a point on your route, or any other place on the map.

  2. On the Tools menu, click Create Drivetime Zone.

  3. In the minutes box, enter the number of minutes you want your drivetime zone to be from the center point.

    Note  Depending on your system resources, a large drivetime zone (high number of minutes) may take several minutes to create.

  4. To avoid obscuring the roads on your map, check the Draw drivetime zone behind roads box.

  5. To make your drivetime zone more visible on the map, check the Fill drivetime zone with solid color box.

  6. Click OK.

Note  Drivetime zones are an approximation based on the best available data. The actual distance you can travel within a certain period of time is also affected by factors such as road conditions, heavy traffic, weather, and so on.


If you have created a data map, you can export any data contained within the drivetime zone to Microsoft Excel, or you can create a route of all the Pushpins contained within the drivetime zone.

To create a drivetime zone with rings of different durations—for example, 14 minutes, 30 minutes, and 40 minutes—create a separate drivetime zone for each time period, starting with the largest and basing each on the same center point. (You can place a Pushpin at the center point to help you maintain the same one for each zone.) As you create the different drivetime zones, use drawing tools to change the shading or line color for each zone to more clearly see the differences on the map.

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