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Community Articles and Downloads

  • MRDS Samples on CodePlex

    The MRDS Samples on CodePlex is a set of samples and tutorials to assist you in learning RDS. There are other CodePlex projects for RDS as well. Just search CodePlex for "robotics".

  • Hello Apps

    The Hello Apps web site contains a wealth of information about RDS and heaps of free downloads, including a scripting language called SPL. This is one of the best RDS sites on the Internet.

  • Professional MRDS

    The ProMRDS web site on CodePlex is the repository for the samples from the book "Professional Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio". These samples cover a wide range of topics that will help you to get started using RDS.

  • Conscious Robots

    The Conscious Robots web site contains useful tips and sample code.


  • Professional Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

    This in-depth book published by Wrox (John Wiley) covers everything from the fundamentals of CCR (Concurrency and Coordination Runtime) and DSS (Decentralized Software Services) to how to use VPL (Visual Programming Language) and the Simulator. It has an extensive list of samples that are available for free download.

  • Programming Microsoft Robotics Studio

    This introductory book from Microsoft Press was the first one published for Microsoft Robotic Studio 1.5. It provides a basic overview of Visual Programming Language (VPL), writing services and using the Simulator.