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Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3


This structure holds a safe array and its attributes.


typedef struct FARSTRUCT tagSAFEARRAY {
  unsigned short cDims;
  unsigned short fFeatures;
  unsigned short cbElements;
  unsigned short cLocks;
  unsigned long handle;
  void HUGEP* pvData;
  SAFEARRAYBOUND rgsabound[1];


  • cDims
    Count of dimensions in this array.
  • fFeatures
    Flags used by the SafeArray routines.
  • cbElements
    Size of an element of the array. This does not include the size of pointed-to data.
  • cLocks
    Number of times the array has been locked without corresponding unlock.
  • handle
    Unused, but kept for compatibility.
  • pvData
    Void pointer to the data.
  • rgsabound
    One bound for each dimension.


The array rgsabound is stored with the left-most dimension in rgsabound[0] and the right-most dimension in rgsabound[cDims 1]. If an array was specified in a C-like syntax as a [2][5], it would have two elements in the rgsaboundvector. Element 0 has an lLbound of 0 and a cElements of 2. Element 1 has an lLbound of 0 and a cElements of 5.

The fFeatures flags describe array attributes that can affect how the array is released. This allows freeing the array without referencing its containing variant. The bits are accessed using the following constants.

#define FADF_AUTO 0x0001 // Array is allocated on the stack.
#define FADF_STATIC 0x0002 // Array is statically allocated.
#define FADF_EMBEDDED 0x0004 // Array is embedded in a structure.
#define FADF_FIXEDSIZE 0x0010 // Array may not be resized or 
 // reallocated.
#define FADF_BSTR 0x0100 // An array of BSTRs.
#define FADF_UNKNOWN 0x0200 // An array of IUnknown*.
#define FADF_DISPATCH 0x0400 // An array of IDispatch*.
#define FADF_VARIANT 0x0800 // An array of VARIANTs.
#define FADF_RESERVED 0xF0E8 // Bits reserved for future use.


Header oaidl.h
Windows Embedded CE Windows CE 1.0 and later
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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