Applications and Services

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Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3


The technologies described in this section are available as components that may be integrated into the final OS image.

In This Section

  • ActiveSync
    Microsoft ActiveSync provides support for synchronizing data between a Windows-based desktop computer and Windows® phones. Using time stamps and user preferences, the synchronization process tracks data changes on both computers, then transfers the appropriate data so that each machine has the most-recent versions. Outdated or unwanted data is discarded. Windows Mobile provides support for ActiveSync version 3.5 and later.
  • GPS Intermediate Driver
    The GPS Intermediate Driver is useful to developers writing applications that use GPS (Global Positioning System) devices as well as to GPS hardware manufacturers. It provides an intermediate layer that abstracts the actual GPS device from developers and manufacturers.
  • Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM)
    The Microsoft Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM) API, for Outlook Mobile, allows user applications to access the Personal Information Manager (PIM) data stores, and manipulate the information they contain. The data stores hold IAppointment, IContact, and ITask items.
  • File and Application Management
    This section covers the APIs provided in Windows Mobile for discovering and utilizing storage cards, and for performing actions when applications are installed or removed.
  • Messaging
    Windows Mobile devices include a messaging subsystem that enables them to be used for sending, receiving, storing, and manipulating e-mail and SMS text messages. The Microsoft messaging client application, Messaging (formerly named Inbox), provides the user interface for composing and reading messages, and for accessing and manipulating the message items contained in local and remote message stores. The Windows Mobile version of the Messaging API (MAPI) is called CE MAPI, and it is a COM-based type library that provides programmatic access to all of this functionality and more.
  • Speaker-Dependent Speech Support
    Windows Mobile provides the same speaker-dependent speech support for Windows Mobile Standard, Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Classic.
  • Voice Command
    Voice Command for Windows Mobile is an optional component that enables you to use your voice to make phone calls, look up contacts, get calendar information, play and control music, as well as start programs.