Bluetooth Application Development Functions

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The following table shows the Bluetooth functions with a description of the purpose of each. These functions are actually Winsock functions. However, the information that is presented in them is specific to Bluetooth.

Programming element Description

accept (Bluetooth)

This function permits an incoming connection attempt on a socket.

bind (Bluetooth)

This function associates a local address with a socket.

connect (Bluetooth)

This function establishes a connection to a specified socket.

getpeername (Bluetooth)

This function retrieves the name of the peer to which a socket is connected.

getsockname (Bluetooth)

This function retrieves the local name for a socket.

getsockopt (Bluetooth)

This function retrieves a socket option.

setsockopt (Bluetooth)

This function sets a socket option.

socket (Bluetooth)

This function creates a socket that is bound to a specific service provider.

WSALookupServiceBegin (Bluetooth)

This function initiates a client query that is constrained by the information contained within a WSAQUERYSET (Bluetooth) structure.

WSALookupServiceEnd (Bluetooth)

This function frees the handle after previous calls to the WSALookupServiceBegin (Bluetooth) and WSALookupServiceNext (Bluetooth) functions.

WSALookupServiceNext (Bluetooth)

This function retrieves the results of an SDP search.

WSASetService (Bluetooth)

This function adds, updates, or removes service records from the local SDP database.


This function is called by an application to register the class of events for which to receive notifications.


This function is called by the application to stop receiving event notification for class of events registered in an earlier call to RequestBluetoothNotifications.


Retrieves the current mode of operation of the Bluetooth radio.


Is called by an application to send an event into the Bluetooth stack.


Sets the Bluetooth mode of operation, reflects it in the control panel, and persists that state across hardware insertion and reboot.

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