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WMA and MP3 Local Playback

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Windows Mobile Not SupportedWindows Embedded CE Supported


This Catalog item provides support for playing Windows Media Audio (.wma) or MP3 files from local storage such as system memory or Compact Flash memory. This is an audio-only item and does not provide any video playback capabilities. It is suitable for use on headless devices. All media decoding is done through DirectShow filters.

Implementation Considerations

The following table shows the Sysgen variables for WMA and MP3 Local Playback.

Sysgen variable Description


Set this Sysgen to add WMA and MP3 Local Playback to your OS design.

Modules and Components

Instead of adding its own modules and components to your OS design, this Catalog item invokes a collection of other Catalog item. It is the modules and components from those Catalog items that are added to your OS design. The following table shows the Catalog items invoked by streaming media playback.

Catalog Item Sysgen variable

MP3 Codec


WMA Codec


WMA Voice Codec


ASX v1 and M3U File Support


ASX v3 File Support


Hardware Considerations

There are no special hardware considerations for this Catalog item.


This Catalog item is dependent on the Catalog items listed in the table above. The following table lists the additional Catalog item dependencies that most directly relate to this item's functionality. There are additional dependencies as well. For more information on determining the complete list of dependencies for this Catalog item, see Catalog Item Dependencies.

Catalog Item Sysgen variable

ACM Wrapper Filter


DirectShow Core


DMO Wrapper Filter


Minimal GWES Configuration


Waveform Audio


Windows Media Technologies


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