Membership Classes

ASP.NET Membership consists of a set of classes and interfaces that create and manage users and authenticate users based on credentials that they supply. The following table shows the membership classes and the interfaces and functions that they provide.

ASP.NET Membership Classes and Descriptions

The following table lists the classes that are used by ASP.NET Membership and their functions.




Provides general membership facilities.

Creates a new user.

Deletes a user.

Updates a user with new information.

Returns a list of users.

Finds a user by name or e-mail.

Validates (authenticates) a user.

Gets the number of users online.

Searches for users by username or e-mail address.


Provides information about a specific user.

Gets the password and password question.

Changes the password.

Determines whether the user is online.

Determines whether the user is validated.

Returns the date for last activity, login, and password change.

Unlocks a user.


Defines functionality for data providers that can be used by the membership system.

Defines the methods and properties that a provider used by membership is required to implement.


Returns a collection of all the available providers.


Stores references to MembershipUser objects.


Provides descriptive values for success or failure when creating a new membership user.


Defines the exception thrown if a user cannot be created. A MembershipCreateStatus enumeration value describing the reason for the exception is available through the StatusCode property.


Specifies the possible password storage formats used by the membership providers included with ASP.NET (Clear, Hashed, Encrypted).

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