System.Web.Http.ModelBinding Namespace

Contains classes related to model binding.


  Class Description
Public class CancellationTokenParameterBinding Represents the binding directly to the cancellation token.
Public class CustomModelBinderAttribute Represents an attribute that invokes a custom model binder.
Public class DefaultActionValueBinder
Public class ErrorParameterBinding Defines a binding error.
Public class FormatterParameterBinding Represents parameter binding that will read from the body and invoke the formatters.
Public class FormDataCollectionExtensions Represents the extensions for the collection of form data.
Public class HttpBindingBehaviorAttribute Provides a base class for model-binding behavior attributes.
Public class HttpRequestParameterBinding Parameter binds to the request.
Public class JQueryMvcFormUrlEncodedFormatter Represents the MediaTypeFormatter class for handling HTML form URL-ended data, also known as application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
Public class ModelBinderAttribute Specify this parameter uses a model binder. This can optionally specify the specific model binder and value providers that drive that model binder. Derived attributes may provide convenience settings for the model binder or value provider.
Public class ModelBinderConfig Provides a container for model-binder configuration.
Public class ModelBinderParameterBinding Describes a parameter that gets bound via ModelBinding.
Public class ModelBinderProvider Provides an abstract base class for model binder providers.
Public class ModelBindingContext Provides the context in which a model binder functions.
Public class ModelError Represents an error that occurs during model binding.
Public class ModelErrorCollection Represents a collection of ModelError instances.
Public class ModelState Encapsulates the state of model binding to a property of an action-method argument, or to the argument itself.
Public class ModelStateDictionary Represents the state of an attempt to bind a posted form to an action method, which includes validation information.
Public class ParameterBindingRulesCollection Collection of functions that can produce a parameter binding for a given parameter.


  Interface Description
Public interface IModelBinder Defines the methods that are required for a model binder.
Public interface IValueProviderParameterBinding Represents a value provider for parameter binding.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate ModelBinderErrorMessageProvider Provides a container for model-binder error message provider.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration HttpBindingBehavior Enumerates the behavior of the HTTP binding.