System.Net.Http.Formatting Namespace

The System.Net.Http.Formatting contains classes for serializing and deserializing HTTP message body in a format based on the requested media type.


  Class Description
Public class BufferedMediaTypeFormatter Represents a helper class to allow a synchronous formatter on top of the asynchronous formatter infrastructure.
Public class ContentNegotiationResult Represents the result of content negotiation performed using <see cref="M:System.Net.Http.Formatting.IContentNegotiator.Negotiate(System.Type,System.Net.Http.HttpRequestMessage,System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable{System.Net.Http.Formatting.MediaTypeFormatter})" />
Public class DefaultContentNegotiator The default implementation of IContentNegotiator, which is used to select a MediaTypeFormatter for an HttpRequestMessage or HttpResponseMessage.
Public class DelegatingEnumerable<T> Helper class to serialize <see cref="T:System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1" /> types by delegating them through a concrete implementation."/&gt;.
Public class FormDataCollection Represent the collection of form data.
Public class FormUrlEncodedMediaTypeFormatter MediaTypeFormatter class for handling HTML form URL-ended data, also known as application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
Public class JsonMediaTypeFormatter Represents the MediaTypeFormatter class to handle JSON.
Public class MediaTypeFormatter Base class to handle serializing and deserializing strongly-typed objects using ObjectContent.
Public class MediaTypeFormatterCollection Represents a collection class that contains MediaTypeFormatter instances.
Public class MediaTypeFormatterExtensions Represents extensions for adding MediaTypeMapping items to a MediaTypeFormatter.
Public class MediaTypeFormatterMatch This class describes how well a particular MediaTypeFormatter matches a request.
Public class MediaTypeMapping An abstract base class used to create an association between HttpRequestMessage or HttpResponseMessage instances that have certain characteristics and a specific MediaTypeHeaderValue.
Public class QueryStringMapping Class that provides MediaTypeHeaderValues from query strings.
Public class RequestHeaderMapping This class provides a mapping from an arbitrary HTTP request header field to a MediaTypeHeaderValue used to select MediaTypeFormatter instances for handling the entity body of an HttpRequestMessage or HttpResponseMessage. <remarks>This class only checks header fields associated with Headers() for a match. It does not check header fields associated with Headers() or Headers() instances.</remarks>
Public class UriPathExtensionMapping Provides MediaTypeHeaderValues from path extensions appearing in a Uri.
Public class XmlHttpRequestHeaderMapping A RequestHeaderMapping that maps the X-Requested-With http header field set by AJAX XmlHttpRequest (XHR) to the media type application/json if no explicit Accept header fields are present in the request.
Public class XmlMediaTypeFormatter MediaTypeFormatter class to handle Xml.


  Interface Description
Public interface IContentNegotiator Performs content negotiation. This is the process of selecting a response writer (formatter) in compliance with header values in the request.
Public interface IFormatterLogger Specifies a callback interface that a formatter can use to log errors while reading.
Public interface IRequiredMemberSelector Defines method that determines whether a given member is required on deserialization.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration MediaTypeFormatterMatchRanking Contains information about the degree to which a MediaTypeFormatter matches the explicit or implicit preferences found in an incoming request.