System.Web.Http.Filters Namespace

Contains classes related to action-filter attributes.


  Class Description
Public class ActionDescriptorFilterProvider Provides information about an action method, such as its name, controller, parameters, attributes, and filters.
Public class ActionFilterAttribute Represents the base class for all action-filter attributes.
Public class AuthorizationFilterAttribute
Public class ConfigurationFilterProvider Represents the configuration filter provider.
Public class ExceptionFilterAttribute Represents the attributes for the exception filter.
Public class FilterAttribute Represents the base class for action-filter attributes.
Public class FilterInfo Provides information about the available action filters.
Public class HttpActionExecutedContext
Public class HttpFilterCollection Represents a collection of HTTP filters.


  Interface Description
Public interface IActionFilter Defines the methods that are used in an action filter.
Public interface IAuthorizationFilter
Public interface IExceptionFilter Defines the methods that are required for an exception filter.
Public interface IFilter Specifies a server-side component that is used by the indexing system to index documents that have the file format associated with the IFilter.
Public interface IFilterProvider Provides filter information.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration FilterScope Defines values that specify the order in which filters run within the same filter type and filter order.