System.Web.Http.Filters Namespace



Class Description
System_CAPS_pubclass ActionDescriptorFilterProvider

Provides information about an action method, such as its name, controller, parameters, attributes, and filters.

System_CAPS_pubclass ActionFilterAttribute

Represents the base class for all action-filter attributes.

System_CAPS_pubclass AuthorizationFilterAttribute

Provides details for authorization filter.

System_CAPS_pubclass ConfigurationFilterProvider

Represents the configuration filter provider.

System_CAPS_pubclass ExceptionFilterAttribute

Represents the attributes for the exception filter.

System_CAPS_pubclass FilterAttribute

Represents the base class for action-filter attributes.

System_CAPS_pubclass FilterInfo

Provides information about the available action filters.

System_CAPS_pubclass HttpActionExecutedContext

Represents the action of the HTTP executed context.

System_CAPS_pubclass HttpAuthenticationChallengeContext

Represents an authentication challenge context containing information for executing an authentication challenge.

System_CAPS_pubclass HttpAuthenticationContext

Represents an authentication context containing information for performing authentication.

System_CAPS_pubclass HttpFilterCollection

Represents a collection of HTTP filters.


Interface Description
System_CAPS_pubinterface IActionFilter

Defines the methods that are used in an action filter.

System_CAPS_pubinterface IAuthenticationFilter

Defines a filter that performs authentication.

System_CAPS_pubinterface IAuthorizationFilter

Defines the methods that are required for an authorization filter.

System_CAPS_pubinterface IExceptionFilter

Defines the methods that are required for an exception filter.

System_CAPS_pubinterface IFilter

Defines the methods that are used in a filter.

System_CAPS_pubinterface IFilterProvider

Provides filter information.

System_CAPS_pubinterface IOverrideFilter


Enumeration Description
System_CAPS_pubenum FilterScope

Defines values that specify the order in which filters run within the same filter type and filter order.

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