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System.Web.Http.Validation.Providers Namespace

Contains provider and factory classes related to model validation.


  Class Description
Public class AssociatedValidatorProvider Provides an abstract class for classes that implement a validation provider.
Public class DataAnnotationsModelValidatorProvider Represents an implementation of ModelValidatorProvider which providers validators for attributes which derive from ValidationAttribute. It also provides a validator for types which implement IValidatableObject. To support client side validation, you can either register adapters through the static methods on this class, or by having your validation attributes implement IClientValidatable. The logic to support IClientValidatable is implemented in DataAnnotationsModelValidator.
Public class DataMemberModelValidatorProvider Represents a validator provider for data member model.
Public class InvalidModelValidatorProvider An implementation of ModelValidatorProvider which provides validators that throw exceptions when the model is invalid.
Public class RequiredMemberModelValidatorProvider Represents the provider for the required member model validator.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate DataAnnotationsModelValidationFactory Represents the method that creates a DataAnnotationsModelValidatorProvider instance.
Public delegate DataAnnotationsValidatableObjectAdapterFactory Provides a factory for validators that are based on IValidatableObject.