System.Web.Http.Controllers Namespace

The System.Web.Http.Controllers contains classes that control the HTTP operation.


  Class Description
Public class ApiControllerActionInvoker Invokes the action methods of a controller.
Public class ApiControllerActionSelector Represents a reflection based action selector.
Public class ControllerServices Represents a container for services that can be specific to a controller. This shadows the services from its parent ServicesContainer. A controller can either set a service here, or fall through to the more global set of services.
Public class HttpActionBinding Describes *how* the binding will happen and does not actually bind.
Public class HttpActionContext Contains information for the executing action.
Public class HttpActionContextExtensions Contains extension methods for HttpActionContext.
Public class HttpActionDescriptor Provides information about the action methods.
Public class HttpControllerContext Contains information for a single HTTP operation.
Public class HttpControllerDescriptor Represents information that describes the HTTP controller.
Public class HttpControllerSettings Contains settings for an HTTP controller.
Public class HttpParameterBinding Describes how a parameter is bound. The binding should be static (based purely on the descriptor) and can be shared across requests.
Public class HttpParameterDescriptor
Public class ParameterBindingExtensions Defines extension methods for HttpParameterBinding.
Public class ReflectedHttpActionDescriptor Represents a reflected synchronous or asynchronous action method.
Public class ReflectedHttpParameterDescriptor
Public class ResponseMessageResultConverter Represents a converter for actions with a return type of HttpResponseMessage.
Public class ServicesContainer An abstract class that provides a container for services used by ASP.NET Web API.
Public class ValueResultConverter<T> A converter for creating responses from actions that return an arbitrary T value.
Public class VoidResultConverter Represents a converter for creating a response from actions that do not return a value.


  Interface Description
Public interface IActionHttpMethodProvider
Public interface IActionResultConverter A contract for a conversion routine that can take the result of an action returned from <see cref="M:System.Web.Http.Controllers.HttpActionDescriptor.ExecuteAsync(System.Web.Http.Controllers.HttpControllerContext,System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary{System.String,System.Object})" /> and convert it to an instance of HttpResponseMessage.
Public interface IActionValueBinder
Public interface IControllerConfiguration If a controller is decorated with an attribute with this interface, then it gets invoked to initialize the controller settings.
Public interface IHttpActionInvoker Contains method that is used to invoke HTTP operation.
Public interface IHttpActionSelector Contains the logic for selecting an action method.
Public interface IHttpController