System.Web.Http Namespace

The System.Web.Http namespace contains classes of HTTP attributes.


  Class Description
Public class AcceptVerbsAttribute Represents an attribute that specifies which HTTP methods an action method will respond to.
Public class ActionNameAttribute Represents an attribute that is used for the name of an action.
Public class AllowAnonymousAttribute Specifies that actions and controllers are skipped by AuthorizeAttribute during authorization.
Public class ApiController Defines properties and methods for API controller.
Public class AuthorizeAttribute Specifies the authorization filter that verifies the request's IPrincipal.
Public class FromBodyAttribute An attribute that specifies that an action parameter comes only from the entity body of the incoming HttpRequestMessage.
Public class FromUriAttribute An attribute that specifies that an action parameter comes from the URI of the incoming HttpRequestMessage.
Public class GlobalConfiguration Provides a global HttpConfiguration for ASP.NET applications.
Public class HttpBindNeverAttribute Represents attributes that specifies that HTTP binding should exclude a property.
Public class HttpBindRequiredAttribute Represents the required attribute for http binding.
Public class HttpConfiguration Configuration of HttpServer instances.
Public class HttpConfigurationExtensions Contains extension methods for the HttpConfiguration class.
Public class HttpDeleteAttribute
Public class HttpError Defines a serializable container for arbitrary error information.
Public class HttpGetAttribute
Public class HttpHeadAttribute Represents an HTTP head attribute.
Public class HttpOptionsAttribute Represents an attribute that is used to restrict an HTTP method so that the method handles only HTTP OPTIONS requests.
Public class HttpPatchAttribute Represents a HTTP patch attribute.
Public class HttpPostAttribute
Public class HttpPutAttribute Represents an attribute that is used to restrict an HTTP method so that the method handles only HTTP PUT requests.
Public class HttpResponseException An exception that allows for a given HttpResponseMessage to be returned to the client.
Public class HttpRouteCollection A collection of IHttpRoute instances.
Public class HttpRouteCollectionExtensions Extension methods for HttpRouteCollection
Public class HttpServer Defines an implementation of an HttpMessageHandler which dispatches an incoming HttpRequestMessage and creates an HttpResponseMessage as a result.
Public class NonActionAttribute Represents an attribute that is used to indicate that a controller method is not an action method.
Public class ParameterBindingAttribute Attribute on a parameter or type that produces a HttpParameterBinding. If the attribute is on a type-declaration, then it's as if that attribute is present on all action parameters of that type.
Public class RouteCollectionExtensions Extension methods for RouteCollection
Public class RouteParameter The RouteParameter class can be used to indicate properties about a route parameter (the literals and placeholders located within segments of a RouteTemplate()). It can for example be used to indicate that a route parameter is optional.
Public class ServicesExtensions Provides type-safe accessors for services obtained from a ServicesContainerobject.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration IncludeErrorDetailPolicy Specifies whether error details, such as exception messages and stack traces, should be included in error messages.