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Visual Studio Web Publish Update

Visual Studio web deployment features are installed by default but are optional and can be disabled during product installation. If you disabled them during product installation but decide you want to enable them, install the Web Publish Update.

The current version of the Web Publish Update may also include web deployment features that were not available when Visual Studio was originally released. To make sure that you have the latest web deployment features, install the Web Publish Update.


Installing the Web Publish Update in Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Web Developer 2010 Express enables many of the new features but does not update the Visual Studio 2010 documentation. After you install the Web Publish Update, use Visual Studio 2012 (.NET Framework 4.5) documentation for deployment features.

Installing the Web Publish Update

Choose the link that corresponds to your Visual Studio version:

These links use the Web Platform Installer (WebPI) to install the web publish features and all of their dependencies. Although the title of the WebPI package is Windows Azure SDK, the SDK is only part of the package. Most of the items that the package installs are required for the web publish features.

Web publish tooling updates are also included in Visual Studio 2012 Updates. However, updates to the Windows Azure SDK are released more frequently than Visual Studio updates. When you install the Windows Azure SDK you’re assured of getting the latest publicly available web publish functionality for Visual Studio.

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