Scripts.Render Method

Renders script tags for the following paths.

Namespace:  System.Web.Optimization
Assembly:  System.Web.Optimization (in System.Web.Optimization.dll)


Public Shared Function Render ( _
    ParamArray paths As String() _
) As IHtmlString
Dim paths As String()
Dim returnValue As IHtmlString 

returnValue = Scripts.Render(paths)
public static IHtmlString Render(
    params string[] paths
static IHtmlString^ Render(
    ... array<String^>^ paths
static member Render : 
        paths:string[] -> IHtmlString
public static function Render(
    ... paths : String[]
) : IHtmlString


  • paths
    Type: System.String[]
    Set of virtual paths for which to generate script tags.

Return Value

Type: System.Web.IHtmlString
The HTML string containing the script tag or tags for the bundle.


Render generates multiple script tags for each item in the bundle EnableOptimizations is set to false. When optimizations are enabled, Render generates a single script tag to a version-stamped URL which represents the entire bundle.

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