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ODataQueryOptions<TEntity> Class


This defines a composite OData query options that can be used to perform query composition. Currently this only supports $filter, $orderby, $top, $skip.

Namespace:   System.Web.Http.OData.Query
Assembly:  System.Web.Http.OData (in System.Web.Http.OData.dll)

Inheritance Hierarchy



public class ODataQueryOptions<TEntity> : ODataQueryOptions
generic<typename TEntity>
public ref class ODataQueryOptions : ODataQueryOptions
type ODataQueryOptions<'TEntity> = 
        inherit ODataQueryOptions
Public Class ODataQueryOptions(Of TEntity)
    Inherits ODataQueryOptions


Name Description
System_CAPS_pubmethod ODataQueryOptions<TEntity>(ODataQueryContext, HttpRequestMessage)

Initializes a new instance of the ODataQueryOptions class based on the incoming request and some metadata information from the ODataQueryContext.


Name Description
System_CAPS_pubproperty Context

Gets the given ODataQueryContext(Inherited from ODataQueryOptions.)

System_CAPS_pubproperty Filter

Gets the FilterQueryOption. (Inherited from ODataQueryOptions.)

System_CAPS_pubproperty IfMatch

Gets the ETag<TEntity> from IfMatch header, if any.

System_CAPS_pubproperty IfNoneMatch

Gets the ETag<TEntity> from IfNoneMatch header, if any.

System_CAPS_pubproperty InlineCount

Gets the InlineCountQueryOption. (Inherited from ODataQueryOptions.)

System_CAPS_pubproperty OrderBy

Gets the OrderByQueryOption. (Inherited from ODataQueryOptions.)

System_CAPS_pubproperty RawValues

Gets the raw string of all the OData query options (Inherited from ODataQueryOptions.)

System_CAPS_pubproperty Request

Gets the request message associated with this instance. (Inherited from ODataQueryOptions.)

System_CAPS_pubproperty SelectExpand

Gets the SelectExpandQueryOption. (Inherited from ODataQueryOptions.)

System_CAPS_pubproperty Skip

Gets the SkipQueryOption. (Inherited from ODataQueryOptions.)

System_CAPS_pubproperty Top

Gets the TopQueryOption. (Inherited from ODataQueryOptions.)

System_CAPS_pubproperty Validator

Gets or sets the query validator. (Inherited from ODataQueryOptions.)


Name Description
System_CAPS_pubmethod ApplyTo(IQueryable)

Apply the individual query to the given IQueryable in the right order. (Overrides ODataQueryOptions.ApplyTo(IQueryable).)

System_CAPS_pubmethod ApplyTo(IQueryable, ODataQuerySettings)

Apply the individual query to the given IQueryable in the right order. (Overrides ODataQueryOptions.ApplyTo(IQueryable, ODataQuerySettings).)

System_CAPS_pubmethod ApplyTo(Object, ODataQuerySettings)

Applies the query to the given entity using the given ODataQuerySettings. (Inherited from ODataQueryOptions.)

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System_CAPS_pubmethod GetType()

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System_CAPS_protmethod MemberwiseClone()

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System_CAPS_pubmethod ToString()

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System_CAPS_pubmethod Validate(ODataValidationSettings)

Validate all OData queries, including $skip, $top, $orderby and $filter, based on the given validationSettings. It throws an ODataException if validation failed. (Inherited from ODataQueryOptions.)

Thread Safety

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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