Extensibility Developer's Guide

ASP.NET provides a core set of mobile controls that support devices for the mobile requirements of most Web sites. However, no single product can answer the needs of an ever growing, evolving market and of the associated new technologies. Therefore, ASP.NET also provides the tools to allow you to create new mobile controls and device adapters.

The following topics include the information you require to extend ASP.NET mobile controls. The topics also describe how to generate specialized style classes for controls.

In This Section

  • Creating Custom Mobile Controls
    Describes the process for creating custom ASP.NET mobile controls that provide an easy way to partition and reuse common user interface (UI) functionality across mobile applications.

  • Adding New Device Adapters and Device Support
    Explains how to use extensibility features to take advantage of specific devices and new hardware.

  • Creating New Styles
    Describes how to create specialized style classes that provide additional properties specific to a control.

  • Supporting View State
    Describes how to use state management services and extend them for creating your own device-specific adapters.

  • Mobile Device Capabilities
    Describes the querying capabilities unique to wireless devices and the device capabilities features relevant to mobile controls.

  • Device-Specific Composition
    Provides information on writing controls that compose differently for specific devices and the advantages of using device-specific composition.

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