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How to: Create an Access Control Namespace


ACS namespaces can migrate their Google identity provider configurations from OpenID 2.0 to OpenID Connect. Migration must be completed before June 1, 2015. For detailed guidance, see Migrating ACS Namespaces to Google OpenID Connect.

The following topic explains how to create a new Access Control namespace. You can create one or more Access Control namespaces in your Microsoft Azure subscription.

To create a Access Control namespace

  1. Go to the Microsoft Azure Management Portal (, sign in, and then click Active Directory. (Troubleshooting tip: "Active Directory" item is missing or not available)

  2. To create an Access Control namespace, click New, click App Services, click Access Control, and then click Quick Create. (Or, click Access Control Namespaces before clicking New.)

  3. Enter a name. Each Access Control namespace name must be globally unique so that it can be identified by the service. You do not have to use the same name for both client and service applications.

  4. Select a region and click Create.

  5. The system now creates and activates your Access Control namespace.

    You might have to wait several minutes as the system provisions resources for your account.

To manage an Access Control namespace, select the namespace, and then click Manage. (Or, click Access Control Namespaces, select the namespace, and then click Manage.)

After the namespace is created, you cannot change the namespace name or the region where the namespace is hosted. However, you can delete the namespace and recreate it, and you can change your subscription. To change a subscription, in the , click Active Directory, click a namespace that is associated with the subscription that you want to change, and then click Change Subscription. The Change Subscription feature is enabled only when you have more than one subscription and you are an administrator or co-administrator of the subscription.

For help with ACS management tasks in the Microsoft Azure Management Portal, click Active Directory, and then click Help (?). (Or, click Active Directory, click Access Control Namespaces, and then click Help.)

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