HDInsight PowerShell Cmdlets Reference Documentation

The topics in this section document the Azure PowerShell HDInsight cmdlets that are used to manage the Hadoop clusters and the jobs run on them. The HDInsight cmdlets are in the Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management.HDInsight.Cmdlet.PSCmdlets namespace. The cmdlets in the namespace are used to manage the Azure HDInsight Service and Azure blob storage accounts, to create and manage Hadoop clusters, and to submit Hive, Pig, MapReduce, and Sqoop jobs to these clusters.

For instructions on how to install and get started using the Window Azure cmdlets, see Azure PowerShell.

Cmdlets for the HDInsight Service

The documentation for the Azure PowerShell cmdlets is available at Azure Cmdlet Reference. Those cmdlets specifically used to manage HDInsight are available at Azure HDInsight Cmdlets.

The following table lists the cmdlets available to manage the HDInsight service. Each cmdlet in the table is linked to its respective documentation page.

Name Description


Adds a Hadoop configuration value customization and/or a Hive shared library customization to the Azure HDInsight cluster configuration.


Adds a SQL Database account to the Azure HDInsight cluster configuration.


Adds an Azure Blob Storage account entry to a target HDInsight configuration.


Retrieves and lists all of the Azure HDInsight clusters associated with the current subscription or retrieves a specific named cluster.


Retrieves the Azure HDInsight jobs from a cluster and lists them in reverse chronological order.


Retrieves the log output for a job from the storage account associated with a specified cluster.Adds a web role.


Retrieves properties specific to an Azure HDInsight service.


Grants HTTP access to the cluster.


Submits Hive queries to the HDInsight cluster, shows progress of the query execution, and retrieves query results in one operation.


Creates a new Azure HDInsight cluster for the current subscription.


Creates a non-persisted configuration that describes an Azure HDInsight cluster configuration.


Defines a hive job for an Azure HDInsight service.


Defines a new Map Reduce job.


Defines a new pig job for an Azure HDInsight service.


Defines a new Sqoop job.


Defines a new streaming Map Reduce job.


Deletes the specified HDInsight cluster from your Azure subscription.


Disables HTTP access to the cluster.


Sets default storage account setting in the HDInsight cluster configuration object.


Starts an Azure HDInsight job on a specified cluster.


Stops running an Azure HDInsight job on a specified cluster.


Selects Azure HDInsight cluster that will be used by the Invoke-Hive cmdlet for job submission.


Awaits the completion or failure of the HDInsight job and shows its progress.

For a complete list of the cmdlets available to manage Azure, see Azure Management Cmdlets.

Azure HDInsight .NET SDK

The documentation of the.NET SDK for the Azure HDInsight Service is available at HDInsight SDK Reference Documentation.

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