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Azure Resource Manager Cmdlets

This section displays the online help files for the AzureResourceManager module in Azure PowerShell. The cmdlets in the AzureResourceManager module let you use Resource Manager in Windows PowerShell.

For more information about using the Azure Resource Manager cmdlets, including a walkthrough of the process, see Using Windows PowerShell with Resource Manager. For information about installing Azure PowerShell, see How to install and configure Windows Azure PowerShell.


The AzureResourceManager module is currently in preview. It might not provide the same management capabilities as the Azure module.

Azure Resource Manager Cmdlets

The AzureResourceManager module, introduced in Azure PowerShell version 0.8.0, lets you manage your resources in an entirely new way. Instead of creating individual resources and trying to use them together, begin by imagining the service you want to create, such as a web portal, a blog, a photo gallery, a commerce site, or a wiki.

Select a resource group template for the service, including one of dozens in the Azure template gallery, or create your own. Each template provides a model of a complex service, complete with the resources that you need to support the service. Then use the template to create a resource group and its resources, and deploy and manage the related resources as a unit.

Beginning in version 0.8,0, the Azure PowerShell installation includes the Azure and AzureResourceManager modules, and AzureProfile, a module of cmdlets common to both modules. The Azure and AzureResourceManager modules are not designed to work together in the same session.

When you use the Azure PowerShell cmdlets, the Azure module is imported into the session by default. To remove the Azure module from the session and import the AzureResourceManager and AzureProfile modules, use the Switch-AzureMode cmdlet.

Switch-AzureMode -Name AzureResourceManager

And, to switch back to the Azure module, just use Switch-AzureMode again.

Switch-AzureMode -Name AzureServiceManagement

For information about the Azure module, see Azure Service Management Cmdlets. For help with the Switch-AzureMode cmdlet, see Switch-AzureMode.

Name Description


Gets the resource types and the Azure data center locations that support them.


Gets the Azure resources in the subscription.


Gets the Azure resource groups in the subscription.


Gets the deployments in an Azure resource group.


Gets resource group templates in the Azure template gallery


Gets the deployment log entries for a resource group


Creates a new resource in a new or existing resource group


Creates an Azure resource group and its resources


Adds an Azure deployment to an existing resource group.


Deletes a resource from a resource group.


Deletes a resource group and its resources


Saves a gallery template as a JSON file on disk.


Changes the properties of an Azure resource


Cancels a running deployment of an Azure resource group.


Detects errors in a resource group template or its template parameters

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