Manage Azure AD subscriptions and licenses

Updated: July 30, 2015

Applies To: Azure, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Windows Intune

Manage subscriptions and licenses

Use the following cmdlets to manage subscriptions, accounts, and licenses.

Windows PowerShell cmdlet Description


The Get-MsolSubscription cmdlet returns all the subscriptions that the company has purchased. When assigning licenses to users, the Get-MsolAccountSku API should be used instead.


The Get-MsolAccountSku will return all the SKUs that the company owns.


The New-MsolLicenseOptions cmdlet creates a new License Options object. This cmdlet disables specific service plans when assigning a user a license using the Add-MsolUser and Set-MsolUserLicense cmdlets.


The Set-MsolUserLicense cmdlet can be used to adjust the licenses for a user. This can include adding a new license, removing a license, updating the license options, or any combination of these actions.

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