Service Bus REST Tutorial


This tutorial is moving to a new location, and this version will soon be retired. You can view the most recent version here:

The following topics describe how to build a simple Service Bus host application that exposes a REST-based interface. A web client, such as a web browser, can access the Service Bus API through HTTP requests.

This tutorial uses the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) REST programming model to construct a REST service on Service Bus. For more information, seeĀ WCF REST Programming Model and Designing and Implementing Services in the WCF documentation.

In This Section

Step 1: Sign up for an Account for the REST Tutorial

Step 2: Define a REST-based WCF Service Contract to use with Service Bus

Step 3: Implement a REST-based WCF Service Contract to use Service Bus

Step 4: Host the REST-based WCF Service to use the Service Bus