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Create Your Marketplace Account

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A Marketplace account is free. You pay only if you subscribe to paid datasets. There is no charge for subscribing to, and using free datasets or free trials.

It is easy to create your own Marketplace account and start browsing, subscribing to, and consuming Marketplace data services.


Either a Windows Live ID or an OrgID is required to consume paid for Marketplace data or applications. If you do not have a Microsoft account, go to Microsoft and sign-up for an account.

Create Your Marketplace Account

  1. Go to the Marketplace.

  2. Click the Sign in button at the upper right corner of the page.

  3. Select the type of account you want to create.
    Personal for your private use or Organization for use by you and others in your business organization.
    An Organization account allows you to move seamlessly between Microsoft services that use OrgID, such as CRM Online, Office 365 and Azure, and Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM).

  4. Enter your credentials.
    Personal - enter your Microsoft ID (formerly Live ID) and password.
    If you have multiple Microsoft IDs you can use any of them or create a new Microsoft ID if you choose. The ID you use to create your account is the ID you use to access your account.

    Organization - enter your OrgID and password.

  5. Click Sign in.

  6. Fill out the Registration page

    1. If you want to receive information about this service select Do you want to receive future communications about this service?.

    2. Click Continue.

    3. Read the Terms of use. If you accept them, select I accept the terms of use..


      Accepting the Terms of use establishes a contract between you and Microsoft. Read them carefully.

    4. Click Register.

You now have a Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM) account and can browse, subscribe to, and consume the Marketplace services.

Next Steps

Learn to update your account information, and add, rename, and delete account keys as you Manage Your Marketplace Account.

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