Develop a Marketplace Application

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The Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM) is a global online market where you can publish and sell Azure applications, services, and building block components. Your application, service, or component is not required to access Marketplace data to be sold on the Marketplace. The topics in this section guide you through the process of creating an application to sell on the Marketplace.

This section covers:

  • Querying WAM data offerings from within your application.

  • Authenticating those using your application to access the WAM.

  • Determining which WAM offerings a user subscribes to.

  • Distributing you application through the WAM.

At the end of the section are links to example code that leverages the WAM.

In this Section

Topic Description

Query Marketplace Datasets from your App

Explains and walks you through authentication and queries in the Marketplace. Includes code examples.

Authenticate in your Marketplace App

The WAM supports both OAuth and HTTP Basic Auth for authentication. This section helps you decide which to use in your application and then walks you through implementing your choice.

Retrieve a User's Subscription Info

Walks you through how to determine which WAM offers a user is subscribed to.

Distribute Your Application through the Marketplace

Walks you through how to register, test and deploy your application in the Marketplace. Includes code examples.

Marketplace Code Examples

Links you to complete and functional code examples.

Application Publishing Kit

Download the Application Publishing Kit which contains:

  • An offering details worksheet

  • Documentation for a commerce application

  • Two sample solutions – one with data and one without data

  • A tutorial for developing an application, including source code